Felföldi Baranta - hungarian martial art

Baranta legacy is the armed and unarmed martial art of the Hungarians who lived between the 9th and the 20th centuries. In a wider sense, Baranta is the collective knowledge of the Hungarian folk, which includes their way of living, community building, self improvement as well as psychology.

Baranta-valley itself in the first place is the centre of Baranta Association in Upper Hungary and a Research Centre but everyone being concerned with Baranta in Carpathian Basin and beyond may consider of their own. Baranta-valley is the opportunity to live Hungarian tradition as a lifestyle also through wide variety of craft workshops such as soap cooking, weaving, felting, sewing, wood-carving, pottery, basketry, furniture painting. The valley is already provided by accomodation facilities.
Baranta-valley is open for all being interested in ancient Hungarian culture and martial culture.Currently construction works are going on side by side with training activities such as regular training, camp and tutorial. Baranta Association in Upper Hungary has its own Research Centre with library seated also in Baranta-valley. Researched material is processed here and applied in practice.

Regular basis lectures are delivered on Scythian roots of Hungarians which date back earlier than ancient egypt pyramids.

Gábor Kopecsni – president of Baranta Association in Upper Hungary – is gaining knowledge and experience on the subject from well-known experts in Hungary eg. Lajos Kassai, a world-famous horseback archer.


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